Glamping pods

June 2017
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If you like the idea of getting outdoors but like the comforts of home maybe one of our glamping pods is a great option.

Our glamping pods are the perfect option if you like to get away to the countryside without the faff of bringing your own tent and equipment. Our pods have a plugin electric heater allowing you to stay nice and warm right through the year (but feel free to bring blankets to keep extra cosy in the winter months).

We have two pods that have a sofa bed that opens out in a 6ft wide double bed. If you wanted to squeeze the kids in with you there is the option to add two single fold up foam camping beds when booking. When booking let us know if you would like to bring your well behaved pooch with you.

There is a basic kitchen area, however we insist that all cooking is done outside of the pod to prevent the smell of food lingering around for someone else’s stay. We do ask that no open fires are lit but you are more than welcome to bring a small / disposable bbq for cooking on.

If you are coming as a bigger group or a large family, why not book both of our pods or bring an extra tent.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Glamping PodPer Night (2 People)
Weekdays (Sunday - Thursday)£65
Weekends (Friday - Saturday)£75
Optional ExtrasPer Night
Additional Adult£15
Additional Child£6

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What to expect

  • Toilet block
  • Large carpark
  • Indoor riding school (42 x 21m)
  • Outdoor school (40 x 30m)
  • American style barn and indoor stables
  • Individual turnout paddocks

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