Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

You can book online either from the home or riding school page.

What is the maximum weight?

10 stone

How old do you need to be?

Generally around 3 years old is a good age to start. Most riders this age would need holding on by an adult.

Do you offer beach rides?

Unfortunately we do not offer beach rides

Do you offer 1 of lessons?

Yes we are happy to offer a one time lesson

Do you offer livery?

We do not offer livery

Do you offer lessons for large groups of people?

Although due to the amount of instructors we can only offer three people to ride at one time, we are happy to book back to back lessons. We may also be able to arrange a different time structure for each rider, please contact us if you would like to do this.

Do you offer regular lessons?

We are happy to offer regular lessons. We will tend to work on a different topic each time to progress.

How far in advance or how much notice do I need to give when booking ?

This depends on what type of lesson you want to book. You can book private lessons for one rider up to 6 week in advance, whereas for 2 or more riders the earliest you can book is two weeks in advance. All lessons require at least 14 hours notice, after this availability will be blocked.